Engineer Full stack development

Job Description
We are looking for a Full Stack engineer to support Tutator in the design, programming and implementation of software in web environments.
Key qualifications
  • Professional with an academic degree in Systems Engineering or Computer Engineering. (required)
  • Solid knowledge in Angular and Node JS (Essential). (required)
  • Technical English. (required)
  • Proficient in: HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery (required).
  • Experienced in: Twitter Bootstrap, Angular js, backbonejs, Cordova. (required)
  • With knowledge of Backend (PHP) integration using: REST Full API, Smarty, Blade, Mustache, pure PHP, etc. (required)
Duties and responsibilities
Design, develop and test software to meet the needs of Tutator projects. This could include (but not be limited to):
  1. Create various diagrams, flowcharts, and models that illustrate the design needed to implement various requirements.
  2. Evaluate requirements and designs and provide development estimates (time, schedule) needed for each element of the design.
  3. Develop separate elements of a computer program that will work well in the program as a whole.
  4. Thoroughly document all code produced.
  5. Perform testing to ensure that all code developed works as required.

100% remote work

The position can be performed from anywhere in the world.


Flexible schedule

Flexible start and end times, freedom to conduct personal or family business.



You can get financial aid to attend professional courses to improve your skills or learn new ones.